Supervision Business

DreamENG contribute to technology development of nation and increase of international competitiveness by design modifications and alternative plans of the project, not only prevention of fraudulent work.

TEL: 042 828 0850/0810    FAX: 042 828 0851

Transportation Engineering

The economic growth and improvement on income level have caused problems of traffic and transportation and it's growing more seriously. Our appropriate solutions for serious problems related to transportation is due to knowledges and experiences about traffic and transportation for years, and will show you comfortable and ideal traffic environment.

TEL: 042 828 0750    FAX: 042 828 0760

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering department designs bridges, underground and marine structures. Our staffs do everything in our power to design beautiful, economic and safe structures with our technology and experiences, also to support until the construction work ends.

TEL: 042 828 0840    FAX: 042 828 0849

Land Development

Department of land development designs the land for fruitful life. A great store of experiences in service providing - urbanization project, industrial complex estate development project, agricultural and industrial complex estate development project, resort estate development project - and excellent technology has lead to appropriate design for local characters and pleasant life environment.

TEL: 042 828 0880    FAX: 042 828 0879

Highway Engineering

Highway Engineering department aims at the social system supporting human life synthetically. Our staffs also make great efforts to make future-oriented roads with various functions supporting new types of economic activities and the society construction containing full of vitality.

TEL: 042 828 0820    FAX: 042 828 0838

Urban Planning

We develop various kinds of planning skills for efficient utilizations and environmental friendly development of land. On the basis of them, we make the accumulation of technology and professionalism throughout wide business area - urbanization planning for the whole country, urban development project, industrial complex estate development project, housing land development project.

TEL: 042 828 0861    FAX: 042 828 0899

Water Supply & Sewerage Engineering

Pure water service is closely related to the quality of our lives. Water supply and Sewerage department keeps our water safe with water-purity control and waste water disposal. We produce and supply water respectively used in living, industry and environment, and also dispose polluted water by physical, biological and chemical process. The feasibility study, planning, plan and design for water supply and sewerage are the essential of ours.

TEL: 042 828 0920    FAX: 042 828 0939

Water Resources Engineering

As a result from city and industry development, the importance of water resources has rapidly been recognized. To solve confronting water-related problems and to achieve an efficient water management matching with future technology environments in 21st Century, DreamENG makes its utmost efforts on performing Comprehensive watershed water control project, basic plan for river improvement, practical design of river environment maintenance project, river environment restoration plan, etc.

TEL: 042 828 0901    FAX: 042 828 0919

Electricity Engineering


TEL: 042 828 0954    FAX: 042 828 0958

Landscape Architecture

The creation of space for both people and nature is our goal. Together with culture of life and science technology, we create beautiful and comfortable space for living and leisure.

TEL: 042 828 0940    FAX: 042 828 0919

Geotechnical Engineering

Firm and safe foundation is most important in every structure. Geotechnical Engineering department provides the most reasonable solution with engineering and dynamic analysis by plenty of experiences and knowledge for the projects including industrial complex, road, railroad, harbor, bridge and tunnel. Especially, the analysis system for excavation section by our ASAT Team is given a favorable reception in the engineering field.

TEL: 042 828 0810    FAX: 042 828 0809

Special Task Team


TEL: 042 828 0725    FAX: 042 828 0744

Environment Engineering

The solutions of land damage and environmental pollution which is resulted from development thoughtless for the environment is to be with scientific technology and experiences. Due to experiences of environmental impact assessment and up-to-date knowledges of new evaluation method, our predictions, evaluations and reviews of environmental influences help a project can be a environmentally sound and sustainable development(ESSD) harmonizing development with preservation. DreamENG establishes pleasant and safe environment, and elevate the standard of living.

TEL: 042 828 0780    FAX: 042 828 0799
Youn-Pyo Hong
Yong-Sung Park
2015 04.30 Registered Information and Communication Works
04.03 Registered General Fire Protection System Design
2014 12.02 Registered Supervision Business of electricity (Integrated)
2012 02.27 Registered Direct production confirmation certificate
2011 06.21 Member of Disaster mitigation council
2010 12.22 Registered Facilities for damage prevention(Quality of water)
12.22 Registered Private sewage treatment facility design, contractor
2009 12.04 Registered Construction management & supervision
03.17 Registered Construction supervision of electric facilities (professional)
03.10 Registered Total overseas construction
2007 07.16 An agent of safety measure establishment for national emergency(The 1st in Korea)
03.23 Venture business certificate
2006 12.14 INNO-BIZ certificate
07.27 Register as environmental consulting company (The 1st at Geum river ministry of environment)
05.09 Register of General supervision business
2005 03.08 M&A of In-bon Engineering
2004 06.10 Safety Diagnosis Specialty Agency
02.25 Registered a Disaster Impact Assessment Agency
02.20 Registered a Transportation Impact Assessment Agency
02.02 Registered a Environmental Impact Assessment Agency
2003 03.26 Registered a civil construction supervision business
03.06 Registered a public survey business
2002 08.06 Established the Institute of engineering technology
01.03 Established the Daejeon office
2001 11.20 Membership of KENCA
10.12 Registered with the Ministry of Science & Technology as a professional technology service provider
02.01 Founded as DreamENG Co., Ltd.

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